What is Media Planning?


Media Planning is the strategic planning of how your business content is displayed by keeping in mind the 3W’s Why, when, where. This can largely help in boosting your brand awareness, sales, consumer engagement, conversion rates and return of investments. Regularly publishing your business content on various media platforms is a must to increase the success rate of your business.

Media planning is usually done by media planners in a marketing or advertisement agency. They carefully select media outlets that are apt for advertising. Newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and outdoor advertising are usually used by media planners to strategize a business campaign.

To keep up with the competition, your business needs a successful media planning strategy. Here’s how media planning works.

1) Analysis

The preliminary step in media planning is market research analysis. Media planners analyze who is your business’s audience. In market analysis, the term “audience” refers to the market reach of your advertising. The audience is then divided on the basis of demographics, that is age, occupation, field of interest, etc. By doing a market analysis, you make your advertising cost efficient.

2) Objective

Establishing a goal for the media plan is known as a media objective. Determining the cost, reach, frequency, and efficiency of the media plan comes under the media objective. This step helps you determine the budget for your media planning. This will give the clients a clear picture of the whole working process.

3) Strategy

After understanding the cost budget of the media planning, the next step is to decide on the media platforms. One can choose among the many possible outlets like television, radio, print, digital planning etc. You need to keep in mind the various factors like feasibility, reach, and budget.

4) Implementation

When you have a plan and strategy, then you get to the actual work. Media planners buy space in different advertising mediums. Media buying is the most important part of media planning. It involves buying ad spaces from a media provider, sending the drafted advertisements to the provider, and paying for the ad spaces.

5) Evaluation

The final step of the whole media planning step is evaluation. Checking whether the ads were successful Evaluating if the strategies were successful, and if so, continuing with the same strategies is understood during the follow up process.

Media planning is a long-term operational plan, so it is important to have an organized working plan.

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